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Aircraft Charter to Sable Island

Horse beside Sable Station We at Sable Aviation feel privileged to provide year-round fixed wing aircraft support to Sable Island, a delicate crescent of sand 300 km south-east of Halifax, NS. Since there is no airstrip on the island, our BN-2A Britten Norman Islander aircraft lands on the sandy expanse of the island's south beach.

Sable Island is a National Park Reserve - Parks Canada has sole control over all flights to the island. We will be flying tourists to Sable Island from June through mid-September. To avoid interfering with station operations, all fixed wing visitor flights are scheduled for weekends only.

Aerial view

Please note that Sable Island, while beautiful, is physically demanding, and those with mobility or health issues may better explore the island virtually through the various Sable Island exhibits on display at local museums and the many videos available online. To enjoy Sable, you should be comfortable walking long distances in soft sand - 5 km is an absolute minimum, although 10 km is more likely - often under a hot sun and/or with high wind. All travel is by foot, there is no option to be transported by vehicle. (Please do not put Parks Canada staff in an awkward position by asking them for a drive.)

New in 2023, all of our flights to Sable Island will be sold on a per seat basis - you do not need to seek permission from Parks Canada. There are 7 seats available on any given flight (up to a limit of 1400 lbs), and anyone is free to reserve one, two or even all of them. For details on cost and how to book, see our FAQ page.

If you would like to see photos of our days on Sable, be sure and check out our company Facebook page.

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