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Your Privacy Matters to Us

For all flights, we are required to have a list of passenger names, and to ensure we are within the manufacturer's weight and balance limitations for the aircraft, we will also weigh passengers prior to boarding. We apologize for any embarrassment that this may cause, and can assure you that we will do our best to be discreet about this very personal piece of information.

Individuals have the right at any time to make a written request that any personal information other than their name be blacked out in the company files. Names of passengers on flights, however, are stored on the Company Operational Flight Plan and must be retained as part of the legal document set for that flight.

Under no circumstances will customer information be conveyed to any other company for marketing or charitable solicitation purposes. We appreciate the trust that you show in providing us with your personal information and safeguard it as if it were our own.

Any persons with questions or comments about the collection of personal information may address their concerns to the Company Operations Manager, who may be reached by calling the Company office number during regular hours.