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BN-2A Britten Norman Islander
Islander seating chart BN2A Islander
General Specifications
Cruise Speed 120-130 kts (220-240 km/h)
Take-Off Distance < 1000-1400 ft (305-430 m)
Seating 5 passengers*, 1 pilot**
Allowable Payload (with full fuel)
(max combined passenger and baggage/cargo weight)
5 passengers* 1400 lbs (635 kg)
cargo only 1480 lbs (670 kg)
*6 or 7 passengers may be possible under certain limited fair weather conditions (for restrictions, see the FAQ section)
** 2 pilot option may be available, schedule permitting;
max payload will be reduced
Fuel and Endurance
Max Fuel 1110 lbs (505 kg)
Fuel Burn 190 lbs/hr (32 gal/120 litres/hr)
Full Fuel Endurance approx 5:30
Cargo Configuration - Cabin Dimensions
Islander cargo dimensions
Side View - Cabin Dimensions
Islander side view
Cargo Doors - Dimensions
(note that effective door dimension is further limited by reduced opening angle)
Islander door dimensions