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Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods

Sable Aviation is certified by Transport Canada to transport dangerous goods by air. We are authorized to carry all dangerous goods in classes 1 (explosives), 2 (gases), 3 (flammable liquids), 4 (flammable solids), 5 (oxidizing substances and organic peroxides), 8 (corrosives), and 9 (other miscellaneous types). We can also carry class 6.1 (toxic substances) and specific items in class 7 (radioactive materials).

Please note that we are certified for transporting of dangerous goods only - the documentation, packaging, and labelling requirements must be met by having the dangerous goods looked after by a certified shipper such as DGM Canada Atlantic, a local company certified for DG shipping, who can package your goods to both ICAO and IATA standards.

Safety is our primary concern, so it is vital that you are cognizant of what items you are carrying in your cargo that, although seemingly harmless on the ground, could pose a threat to safety in the air, either during normal carriage or in the unlikely event of an emergency. Things such as aerosols (with a few exeptions), many paints, some batteries, and certain chemicals are just a few examples of items that may be forbidden to be transported by air, or may have certain restrictions such as quantity limitations or special packaging. One indication that your item may be classed as dangerous goods is if it contains one of the following warning symbols:
Warning Symbols

Of particular concern are any batteries that you may be transporting, particularly lithium ion or lithium metal. As the use of lithium batteries increases, so too does the danger when transported by air. There are legal limits on the number of batteries that can be transported, both in equipment, and as spares, and with good reason. Lithium batteries, particularly those produced in mass quantities with the primary goal of keeping cost down may have little or no attention paid to quality control. Even brand name lithium batteries pose a risk, since any lithium battery may experience a thermal runaway, a condition which poses an extreme risk in flight. It is vitally important to let us know about any batteries you are carrying.

Please mention any items that you are carrying that may be classed as dangerous goods when making your booking, or at the very latest, to your pilot.