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Frequently Asked Questions
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Tourist Seat Sales
How much does a seat on a tourist flight cost?
The price for a single seat in 2023 remains the same as in 2022 - $2,000.00 CAD all in (includes $394.65 fees and taxes - contact the company office for break-down of these fees).

Can I reserve more than one seat?
Certainly! You may reserve as many seats as you would like, so long as there is availability on your requested date.

Can I book the entire aircraft for my group?
Although we no longer offer full aircraft charters, you are more than welcome to put in a reservation request for all 7 seats on a flight. Please note that there is no multi-seat discount.

How do I reserve a seat - is there a form that I fill out?
There is no form, nor do you need to contact Parks Canada, you just need to send us an e-mail with your name, phone number, number of seats (1-7), and preferred date (see a list of available dates below). In case your first choice is already taken, let us know if there are any other dates that you would consider taking.

Since flights are starting to fill up, if you want to know immediately if you can get on a flight (especially those that only have a single seat left), please include your weight dressed for the day, including footwear (but not your backpack).

What dates are available in 2023?
In 2023, we have the following flights: 3-Jun, 10-Jun (sold out), 17-Jun (1 seat only), 24-Jun (sold out), 1-Jul, 8-Jul (sold out), 15-Jul, 22-Jul, 29-Jul (sold out), 5-Aug (1 seat only), 12-Aug (sold out), 19-Aug (1 seat only), 9-Sep, and 16-Sep. In each case, Saturday is the primary flight date, with Sunday being reserved as the backup; you must be available to travel on both days.

Can I book by telephone?
Sorry, but while we will be glad to take your call to answer any questions not already answered here, seat reservation requests must be made by e-mail.

When is payment due?
A $200 deposit is required to book each seat, with full payment due 30 days prior to the flight. The entire payment becomes totally non-refundable at that point unless cancelled by us due to weather, beach condition, etc. Although non-refundable, seats are fully transferrable to another person.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, e-transfer or credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Payment by credit card will incur a 3.9% processing fee (resulting in a total of $2078.00). We value your security, so please call us if you want to pay by credit card - don't send your information via e-mail.

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Flight Information
How many people will be on the flight?
Our aircraft is configured to carry up to 7 passengers so long as the weight limit is not exceeded (see next question).

Why do you need my weight?
The aircraft manufacturer has defined a maximum amount that the aircraft can safely and legally carry, which means that all passengers and their baggage must not exceed 1400 lbs in total. We will weigh everyone and everything that goes onto the flight to ensure that this value is not exceeded, so please be as accurate as possible when you give us your weight at the time of booking; we promise to be discreet with this sensitive information.

Is there a limit on how much I can bring along in my backpack?
There is a 10 lbs allotment of baggage per person, however, we may be able to accommodate a higher pack weight if the flight is not too close to its maximum weight.

Are there standards and/or compensation for the sale of individual seats?
If you are denied boarding due to situations within the carrier's control, or your baggage is lost or damaged, you may be entitled to certain standards of treatment and compensation under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations. For more information about passenger rights please contact our office or visit the Canadian Transportation Agency's website.

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A Day on Sable
Is there an age limit for the trip?
Due to seat configuration and limitations on safety equipment, we cannot carry children under 2 years old. That being said, Sable Island is a backcountry-like experience, with long days, no shelter and rugged conditions. We do not recommend this trip for children under the age of 12.

Conversely, the day is very long and may not be suitable for individuals beyond a certain age or fitess level. We will not dictate an upper age limit since everyone is different, but we certainly have had seniors who were simply not prepared to walk all day in soft sand, and who ended up quite grumpy and disillusioned with the experience. There is no option to be given a lift because of your age or how tired you are - it is your own responsibility to realize your limits and maybe even make the decision to forgo the gruelling experience that is Sable Island.

How long can we stay on the island?
The length of time that the aircraft can stay on the island is primarily based on time of sunset, but occasionally may be impacted by changing weather; departure from the island must occur prior to dark.

What is the best time of the year to visit Sable?
Sable Island is amazing no matter when you visit. The temperatures tend to lag those on the mainland, though, so it is not uncommon to have to bundle up, even in July! Late summer can be very hot (or not), and fall tends to remain mild. Some folks wonder what month has the best chance of the flight being successful, but weather is unpredictable in this area of the world, and the only constant on Sable is change. Mid-May through July or even mid-August is known to local aviators as "fog season", August may be too dry for the beach to be landable, and September through October is hurricane season.

I have trouble walking - can't I just sit in a folding chair on the beach all day?
You must be able to walk several kilometres at a reasonable pace, so you can keep up with others on the introductory walking tour - participation is mandatory. Many people who think they will be content to sit on the beach beside the aircraft all day do not realize that boredom is not the issue. The day is extremely long and there will be no protection from the wind or elements - the aircraft is not open during the day. The landing beach is so wide that you usually cannot even see the ocean from the aircraft, so the view is very limited - unless you have good mobility, this trip is not for you. We would be happy to point you to the many online resources and local museums that are more suited for a mobility limited person.

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