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Aeronautics Act
CARs - Canadian Aviation Regulations and Standards
Designated Airspace Handbook

CTA - Canada Transportation Act
Air Transportation Regulations

TDGA - Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act
TDGR - Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations

CASRs - Canadian Aviation Security Regulations

AOHS - Aviation Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
CLC - Canada Labour Code

Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act
TSBR - Transportation Safety Board Regulations

Guidance Material
AIM - Aeronautical Information Manual
AIP - Aeronautical Information Publication

ACs - Advisory Circulars
Airworthiness Notices
CASAs - Civil Aviation Safety Alerts
CBAACs - Commercial Business Aviation Advisory Circulars
Commercial and Business Aviation Publications and Guidance
Commercial and Business Aviation Policy Letters
Service Difficulty Advisories
Service Difficulty Alerts

ICAO Addenda and Corrigenda to the Technical Instructions

Flight Planning Publications
Nav Canada Customer Login (RCAP and CFS)
Garmin Database Update Schedule
VNC/VTA Chart Update Schedule

Aircraft Information
Britten-Norman Customer Login
Aircraft Type Certificates - National Aeronautical Product Approval (NAPA)

Transport Canada ADs by Aircraft Registration
FAA ADs by Aircraft Make

Canadian Civil Aircraft Register
American Civil Aircraft Register
United Kingdom Civil Aircraft Register

MSDS Sheets
100LL avgas (download)
Aeroshell 15W50 Oil (download)
Royco 756 hydraulic fluid